The countdown date we set three years ago for when we hoped to be moving to Disney has reached 100 days! While we always knew it wasn’t going to be the actual day we moved, we hoped it would at least be in the ballpark since it would be demoralizing if it reached zero and we weren’t even close to ready! So it’s been more of an aspirational goal, and it’s given us hope and some excitement each day that we watched it go down over the past 1,000+ days.

But now that the move is really happening the countdown is less aspirational and more accusatory! “There’s only 100 days left! Why haven’t you done more to get ready!” It’s still probably not going to be the exact day we move, but seeing it tick down each day will reinforce how much actual work I have to do to now that the dream is no longer a potential future but a fact! My wife’s last day of work IS in eleven days! She IS moving to Florida this month! That means our current house HAS TO be ready to sell this summer. This is not a fun exercise any more! No more just talking about it online — I have real work to do. And that ticking countdown is a way to keep me honest. So as it goes down to double digits for the first time tomorrow, it is staying right where it is in the sidebar!

I’ll still make time to keep you updated. I can already tell there’s going to be a lot to talk about. Just in the past week since my last post we’ve gone through so much stuff to prepare that others who might one day want to make the move might find useful. And we’ve barely scratched the surface! And that 50th Anniversary recap is on the way too.

Enough enjoying seeing that final three digit number over on the countdown… I literally have to go work on some apartment applications for my wife right now!