Follow along with our still-in-progress “Moving to Disney” story from the very beginning.

Considering “The Move”  (June 2018)

Coming up with “The Plan”  (July 2018)

Visiting Disney!  (August 2018)

Sit back, relax, and move to Disney!  (October 2018)

Our very, merry Christmas tree  (December 2018)

Virtual house hunting  (January 2019)

“The Decision” made!  (February 2019)

Research trip #1  (April 2019)

Running for Disney  (May 2019)

One year down…  (June 2019)

1,000 days to go  (September 2019)

Disney bona fides  (December 2019)

runDisney Marathon Weekend 5K and research trip #2  (March 2020)

runDisney Marathon Weekend 10K and a visit to Batuu  (May 2020)

Two years to go!  (June 2020)

Hopes and changes  (October 2020)

We’re moving to Disney next year!  (January 2021)

Down to 500 days… and I’m starting to freak out!  (January 2021)

Reconsidering other options  (March 2021)

Back in business  (May 2021)

The final countdown & research trip #3  (June 2021)

Oops!  (September 2021)

House hunting in a sellers market  (September 2021)