That title may be ominous when the Haunted Mansion’s Ghost Host says it. But today it’s all about excited anticipation. Because today we officially closed on selling our house!

I have to admit that even after four years of talking about this, it’s still shocking to me every time we take a major step forward! And signing the paperwork to sell the house we’ve happily raised our kids in for the past thirteen years is the biggest and most irreversible move yet.

Before finally heading down to Florida on Tuesday, I’ll be staying with my parents for a few days to finish up some things here in Tennessee. They’ve very graciously agreed to take in my son and two pets for what will be an indeterminate amount of time while we look for and eventually close on a house of our own. Thanks mom and dad!

I’m looking forward to a few stress-free days after what has been some of the most physically and mentally taxing months of my life! Then it will be time to start the process all over again… but from the buyers side. Fortunately, that seems like it will be a lot less work than selling a house!