You may have noticed a bit of a gap between my last post and this one. There have been a couple of understandable reasons for that. I got my first job in two decades, for one. And, after three years, COVID finally caught me. But there is also an embarrassingly bad reason for the delay. I decided I wanted my next post on the site to be a big “six months living near Disney post” where I also finally talk about the house we bought and the neighborhood it’s in.

Last week when I finally started outlining the article I realized… my math was off! The six month anniversary was last month in June, not July!

It was so frustrating because I’ve been planning this piece almost since we moved in, and had specifically delayed writing anything last month knowing this was coming. So at this point, with the six month milestone long gone, I’m just going to write up the article at my leisure and title it whatever the anniversary happens to be when it’s ready to go!