Big Disney parks fans probably at some point in their life consider “The Move”. They say, “Disney World is so great, wouldn’t it be cool to live there?” For most, it’s a fun thought but quickly put aside. But for a few adventurous (or maybe just crazy) ones it can become an obsession.

My wife, kids, and parents took our first big family trip to Disney World in 2005, and it was kind of life-changing! Ever since then we’ve toyed with the idea of making The Move but we never really took it too seriously. It was always a maybe-one-day-far-down-the-road idea. Recently, due to some potential changes in our lives we started thinking “why not just do it if we’re going to do it?”

So we’ve had some initial discussions and even made some preliminary plans, and we’re getting excited about the idea that we might actually do this!

That’s where this blog comes in. I know we’re far from the only people to ever consider moving closer to the magic. So I started hunting down forum posts, news articles, and websites from other people that have asked questions about doing this, thought about doing this, or actually done it. A few in particular I loved were:

Living by Disney, by Serena Lyn
The Castle Run, by Lisa Dinoto Glassner
The Brookhart Project, by Sarah and Peter Brookhart
How to Move to Disney, by Freddy Martin

It was really fun and encouraging hearing from these people (and one other I’ll mention in a future post). And it inspired me to document my family’s journey for others that may consider The Move down the road.

The biggest difference between this blog and those others is they started their websites right before their move or soon after. My wife and I are just beginning the process of deciding if we actually are going to go. And if we do decide to, we’re at least a couple of years away from actually doing it!

So you’re literally going to be following along with our discussions from the very start. I don’t know whether this journey will end with us staying the course here in Tennessee or making a turn in our lives to Orlando. (Hey, just like the arrow in the logo!) Whatever may happen, hopefully our experiences along the way can one day help others in the same situation.

Now that we’re considering “The Move”, it’s time to come up with “The Plan…”