Offer #2

As you can tell by the title, our first offer fell through. It was a bit surprising to us. The home had been sitting on the market for over two months, and the day before we made an offer, we were told they had had no other offers. So we assumed this would be a slam dunk. But our bad luck with timing came through again. We waited to make this move until house prices skyrocketed a few years ago. We started our in-person search when interest rates climbed to their highest level in decades over the last few months. And we made an offer on a house that had had no nibbles for two months on the exact same day someone else made an offer too. Long story short, they went with the other offer.

But we couldn’t mope too long. If we wanted to be in a house by the end of this year we had to keep moving forward.

This past weekend we went out with our agent to see seven more houses. As we did when we found the first house we made an offer on, we made sure to include some that were in areas we had initially dismissed. And once again, that’s where we found something.

As in my last post, I don’t want to give too many details yet. But we’ve made offer #2!

This house is farther away than I would have liked, but still within a doable range. It does not have a pool, which is a big strike against it. But the community pool is literally just across the street. It’s also a little more that I hoped we would spend. Technically, it’s almost exactly the same asking price as the first house we made an offer on. But that house needed a lot of work so we offered lower than list. This house is move in ready… and absolutely beautiful. We offered full price.

Hopefully this is the one, and there will not be an “Offer #3” post!