Third time’s the charm?

Not going to lie. Losing out on the home we made our second offer on stung. Due to its distance from the parks, we wouldn’t have been able to go as often as we might have wanted. But the house and grounds themselves were so amazing that we wouldn’t have cared! However, once again, the day we made an offer, someone else did too. And they got it. I almost wish the seller’s agent hadn’t mentioned this but apparently we were extremely close to getting it. Ouch. When the offer we made on that first house was rejected, I wrote here that we couldn’t mope too long because there was work to be done. But I admit I moped for this house!

After taking time to give thanks (and despite the tough year it’s been and the trouble we’re having finding a house, we do have a lot to be thankful for just in finally making it here) we continued the search. And later today we’ll be attempting offer #3.

This is the smallest house we’ve seen, which is a big compromise for me. But in return we get to be right in the middle of everything. And it does have a pool.

Apologies for again being light on details. Since my name is on these contract offers, I’d hate for a potential seller to Google me, find this blog, see what I’m saying about their house, then use it against me to, for example, get a higher price! But I promise once everything is signed and done, I will be writing up a very thorough report on the process we’ve been through during this long, long search.