Candle on the pool deck

Wow. It’s been about six weeks since we moved in to our new home and I’ve barely written anything! I hinted at a reason in my last post when I said I felt “unsettled and out of sorts”. And that is still very true. Don’t get me wrong. I am fully enjoying the beautiful weather, sitting next to the pool under our lanai, the proximity to Disney Springs, my new annual pass, and other things the area has to offer. But at home, I feel a bit lost and drifting.

Maybe it’s because there is still so much to do setting up the house that it’s a bit overwhelming. Maybe having less money due to increased expenses here is somewhat stressful. Maybe I’m a little aimless without the routine I had in Tennessee. Maybe I’m missing the connections with family I had back there. Or maybe I built this move up so much that there’s a let down in the countdown being over.

Whatever it is, it’s weird! I’m both enjoying being here and feeling a bit stuck in a rut here!

But I’m tired of being tired! I’m ready to look up and see the clouds are lifting! So I’m going to start by… writing this article! I made four years worth of blog posts dreaming about moving here and telling you about our plans. Now I need to tell you how we got here and what it’s like.

Of course, admitting it’s been emotionally draining is a truthful part of our moving to Disney story. So I’m not going to hide or sugarcoat that aspect on the blog.

Thanks for being part of this journey — through the excitement and the listlessness! Knowing I have somewhere to turn like this site has been a good outlet for me. And writing down what we’re up to occasionally forces me to examine and justify things to myself. And, as sure as rivers flow, that’s something I really needed to do right now.

My alternate title for this post: Feet’s Draggin’!