Back in business

Today I have just a quick update on something I mentioned in my last post.

We had to cancel a planned research trip back in March after my wife found out she and her co-workers might soon be out of a job. After way too long leaving everyone hanging, the situation has been resolved. Things didn’t end up exactly as we would have hoped, but at least we don’t have to waste any of our time left here in Tennessee looking for a new job.

Now that my wife is back in business, we can get back to the business of planning our move, which is just 406 days away! We’ve rescheduled the cancelled March trip for later this month. Then this summer we’re going to take a research-and-more trip down with the whole family — now that we’re all fully vaccinated! And finally the Disney cruise my wife and I had planned for our 25th anniversary that was cancelled due to COVID has now been changed and rescheduled to a research-and-more trip in October to celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th birthday.

So that’s three research trips in the next six months! We’re going to spend this weekend drilling down into exactly what areas we want to explore on our upcoming visit. And I’ll tell you all about what we find next time!